About 1BLOOD

“Because GOD has made of 1BLOOD all nations of men to dwell on the Earth, it is only when our thoughts, words, and deeds reflect our honor and respect for the blood of every human being, as our own blood…that peace, health, equity, prosperity, and love, will become an experienced, sustainable worldwide reality!”


1BLOOD International is the international diplomatic outreach of the Sovereign Church of ‘ELOHIYM, International.


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OUR MISSION: To demonstrate how the implementation of our belief statement will:


SLOW the progress of dis-ease & poverty as the principles designed to address them are properly applied.

INCREASE micro-industry opportunities & development, by providing resources to activate micro-industries, while teaching and requiring financial, organizational, and behavioral accountability.

PROMOTE social and economic education, equity, & service, as an alternative to applications that limit the same.

ATTRACT private macro-industries who will also, help with equipment, technical training, and skill development in macro-industry jobs, thereby developing a skilled and capable labor force, while making the hope of personal financial independence a possible reality.

BUILD appreciation for variety & contrast of other methods and cultures, by providing methods and opportunities that increase sensitization and tolerance for healthful differences.

REDUCE envy, jealousy, and conflict, through equal opportunity training to develop effective communication skills, and through the promotion of joint-effort, task-oriented projects, where these skills can be exercised, so that the ability to disagree and continue working harmoniously is developed.

INSPIRE local, regional, national, & international cooperation, by promoting the opportunities, challenges, and successes of our various programs.

CREATE a skilled labor force of teachers and trainers for existing & incoming industry, as those with exceptional aptitude and ability are identified and developed through our Skill Development Centers.

STIMULATE positive moral values and self-esteem…

In Order To Ultimately…

ELIMINATE dis-ease, poverty, economic dependence, & violence.

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