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A Closer Look: 1BLOOD

Join investigative journalist Iyel Bey as he goes behind the scenes into one of the largest and most successful food security and agricultural operations in the world: 1BLOOD International.

Granted full access to SCEI-1BLOOD Archives at the United States 1BLOOD embassy headquarters, Iyel is bringing you straight into the world of the acclaimed diplomatic intervention for the first time ever.

This documentary chronicle the entire history of 1BLOOD from the start of it’s operations in West Africa in 1999 through the present.

With exclusive access to the embassy’s secret archives and interviews with the operation’s founder and international Chief Executive, Apostle Dr. Kenneth D. Jackson, Sr., you will view footage and commentary never before produced for the public.

See the photographs of the war and the carnage that divided West Africa when Dr. Jackson first began touring future sites, and witness the first farms being cleared from dense jungle swamps and into massive production operations with rice fields extending as far as the eye can see.

Witness the testimonies of the people who have been a part of the program and watch rare footage of government meetings and civil councils as 1BLOOD operations began to sweep West Africa with new hopes for a brighter future with food and peace.

Iyel Bey and 1BLOOD International invite you to come along on an unforgettable journey that has changed the lives of so many.

So join us and come

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